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Federal Investments Program: Statement of Account


11/30/2011 — 09/29/2023Released MonthlyLast Updated 03/29/2024
Federal Investments Program customers invested in Government Account Series (GAS) securities use the Statement of Account monthly detailed reports specifying the security holdings as of the end of each month and all transaction activity during that month for each individual investment account.


Data Table:
Date Range:

Dataset Properties

Data Table Name
Field Name
Display Name
Data Type
Is Required
CARS Reportingrecord_dateRecord DateThe date that rate data was updated.DATE1
CARS Reportingaccount_number_tasAccount NumberThe TAS account number.STRING1
CARS Reportingaccount_nameAccount NameThe account name associated with the TAS account number.STRING1
CARS Reportingdate_rangeDate RangeThe date range the statement of account report is representing.STRING1
CARS Reportingline_item_nmLine Item NameThe line item name for a specific TAS account number.STRING1
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