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Receipts by Department


09/30/2015 — 09/30/2023Released AnnuallyLast Updated 03/28/2024
The Receipts by Department dataset is part of the Combined Statement of Receipts, Outlays, and Balances published by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at the end of each fiscal year. The Combined Statement is recognized as the official publication of receipts and outlays. This dataset contains department receipt amounts broken out by type, account, and line item.

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Dataset Properties

Data Table Name
Field Name
Display Name
Data Type
Is Required
Receipts by Departmentrecord_dateRecord DateThe date that data was published.DATE1
Receipts by Departmentreceipt_line_item_nmReceipt Line ItemThe specific receipt line item associated with the classification of the receipt.STRING1
Receipts by Departmentaid_cdAID Code Account SymbolThis field is the Agency Identifier. This is a three-digit code that is used in the Central Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) to identify the responsible federal agency.STRING1
Receipts by Departmenta_cdA Code Account SymbolThis field is populated if the Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) has no beginning or ending period of availability (POA). This will only be populated with the following values that are applicable to this report (X and F) and is only used by expenditure TAS.STRING
Receipts by Departmentmain_cdMAIN Code Account SymbolThis is the four-digit code that identifies the type and purpose of the TAS. This code is based upon the United States Standard General Ledger (USSGL) and is assigned at the time the TAS is established in CARS.STRING1
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