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U.S. Government Revenue Collections


10/01/2004 — 07/17/2024Released DailyLast Updated 07/18/2024
The U.S. Government Revenue Collections dataset provides a daily overview of federal revenue collections such as individual and corporate income tax deposits, customs duties, fees for government service, fines, and loan repayments. These collections can be made through either electronic or non-electronic transactions by mail, internet, bank, or over-the-counter channels.

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U.S. Government Revenue Collectionsrecord_dateRecord DateThe date that data was published.DATE1
U.S. Government Revenue Collectionselectronic_category_descElectronic Category DescriptionThere are four electronic categories, which are mutually exclusive. The four categories are: 1. Fully Electronic - All - The government (Agency and Fiscal Service) processes these transactions electronically (Example: EFTPS transactions). 2. Fully Electronic - FS - Fiscal Service programs process these transactions electronically, but an agency processes some aspect of these transactions non-electronically (Example: OTC net electronic check transactions). 3. Electronic Settlement - Fiscal Service programs settle these transactions electronically, but also process some aspect of these transactions non-electronically (Example: Lockboxes and ECP). 4. Non-Electronic - The government processes these transactions non-electronically (Example: OTC net cash deposits). STRING1
U.S. Government Revenue Collectionschannel_type_descChannel Type DescriptionChannel Program is the collections program reporting the data to Collections Information Repository (CIR). In most cases, the collection program name is synonymous with the concatenation of the Reporting Program and the Source Processing Program within CIR. However, Fiscal Service has provided derivation rules to enable specific breakdowns. The report lists the Channel Programs alphabetically within each collections channel. The four types are: 1. Over-the-Counter (OTC) - The OTC channel exists for collection information presented by the public or an agency to an agent or depositary in person or via an electronic terminal. 2. Mail - The mail channel exists for collection information presented by the public to an agent or depositary by mail. 3. Internet - The internet channel exists for collection information presented by the public or an agency to an agent or depositary over the Internet. It includes online banking transactions initiated by the public through private third party applications and received by an agent or depositary through a defined interface. 4. Bank - The bank channel exists for collection transactions presented by a member of the public to an agent or depositary through closed banking networks. It includes Automated Clearing House credit and Fedwire collection transactions.STRING1
U.S. Government Revenue Collectionstax_category_descTax Category DescriptionThere are five tax categories, which are not mutually exclusive. The Tax Category Total contains the sum of the Non-Tax and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax amounts. The five categories are: 1. Non-Tax - Sum of IRS-Non-Tax and Non-Tax (other than IRS Non-Tax). 2. IRS Non-Tax - Collections for ALCs (Agency Location Codes) that begin with 2009 but do not include any of the IRS Service Centers. 3. IRS Tax - Collections for the IRS Service Center ALCs. 4. Non-Tax (other than IRS Non-Tax) - Collections that do not begin with ALC 2009. 5. IRS Tax & IRS Non-Tax - Sum of IRS Non-Tax and IRS Tax. STRING1
U.S. Government Revenue Collectionsnet_collections_amtNet Collections AmountDollar amount of transaction.CURRENCY1
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