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Savings Bonds Value Files


05/31/1992 — 11/30/2024Released Semi-AnnuallyLast Updated 05/01/2024
The Savings Bond Value Files dataset is used by developers of bond pricing programs to update their systems with new redemption values for accrual savings bonds (Series E, EE, I & Savings Notes). The core data is the same as the Accrual Savings Bonds Redemption Tables but there are differences in format, amount of data, and date range. The Savings Bonds Value Files dataset is meant for programmers and developers to read in redemption values without having to first convert PDFs.

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Dataset Properties

Data Table Name
Field Name
Display Name
Data Type
Is Required
Savings Bonds Value Filesredemp_periodRedemption PeriodThe month(s) for which redemption and interest earned values are applicable.STRING1
Savings Bonds Value Filesredemption_yearRedemption YearThe year for which redemption values are applicable.YEAR1
Savings Bonds Value Filesredemption_monthRedemption MonthThe month for which redemption values are applicable.MONTH1
Savings Bonds Value Filesseries_cdSeries CodeI = Series I (Denominations of $25), E = Series E (Denominations of $25), N = Series EE (Denominations of $25), S = Savings Notes (Denominations of $25)STRING1
Savings Bonds Value Filesissue_yearIssue Year4 Digits representing year savings bond was issued.YEAR1
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