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Treasury Managed Accounts

12/31/2022 — 06/30/2023Updated QuarterlyLast Updated 08/31/2023CSV, JSON, XMLData Dictionary

Balances of Contract Disputes Receivables, No FEAR Act Receivables, and Unclaimed Money for Treasury Managed Accounts.

Treasury Managed Accounts

About This Dataset


The Treasury Managed Accounts dataset contains the Contract Disputes Receivables, No FEAR Act Receivables, and Unclaimed Money balances as identified by agency. Contract Disputes Receivables represent recoveries from federal agencies for settlement of claims from contract disputes. No Fear Act Receivables represents reimbursements from federal agencies for payments made as the result of discriminatory conduct. Unclaimed Money represents held money that government agencies received from sources outside the government in trust for rightful owners. Each agency is responsible for reviewing the account tables within this dataset every quarter and confirming with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service that the information is accurate. Fiscal Service has no data on unclaimed moneys owed to individuals. Information in this dataset is aggregate data supplied to Fiscal Service from government agencies and is posted here so government agencies can review this information. Please see the Notes & Known Limitations section for account description, agency responsibilities, and how to send a reimbursement for each account table.

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