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Treasury Securities Upcoming Auctions Data


03/08/2024 — 05/24/2024Released As NeededLast Updated 05/24/2024
The Treasury Securities Upcoming Auctions Data dataset provides information on auction announcements. Each announcement includes what securities are being auctioned, the announcement date, the auction date and issue date. This data provides a notification of what Treasury Marketable securities will be announced and or auctioned in the upcoming week.


Data Table:
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Dataset Properties

Data Table Name
Field Name
Display Name
Data Type
Is Required
Treasury Securities Upcoming Auctionsrecord_dateRecord DateThe date that data was published.DATE1
Treasury Securities Upcoming Auctionssecurity_typeSecurity TypeThe kind of marketable security that is being announced/auctioned. This is determined by the length to maturity.STRING1
Treasury Securities Upcoming Auctionssecurity_termSecurity TermThe term of the security.STRING1
Treasury Securities Upcoming AuctionsreopeningReopeningWhen additional amounts of previously issued securities are issued again rather than selling new issues of those securities. The reopened securities have the same maturity date and interest rate; however, as compared to the original securities, the reopened securities have a different issue date (which creates a shorter overall term), and usually, a different purchase price.STRING1
Treasury Securities Upcoming AuctionscusipCUSIPA unique nine-character combination assigned to the security being announced/auctioned. They are provided by the CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures) Service Bureau, which is operated by Standard & Poors for the American Bankers Association.STRING1
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