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Interest Expense on the Public Debt Outstanding

05/31/2010 — 08/31/2023Updated MonthlyLast Updated 09/07/2023CSV, JSON, XMLData Dictionary

This dataset shows how much the U.S. government pays in interest on its debt. Amount values are provided for the current month and the fiscal year-to-date.

Interest Expense on the Public Debt Outstanding

About This Dataset


The Interest Expense on the Public Debt Outstanding dataset provides monthly and fiscal year-to-date values for interest expenses on federal government debt, that is, the cost to the U.S. for borrowing money (calculated at a specified rate and period of time). U.S. debt includes Treasury notes and bonds, foreign and domestic series certificates of indebtedness, savings bonds, Government Account Series (GAS), State and Local Government Series (SLGS) and other special purpose securities. While interest expenses are what the government pays to investors who loan money to the government, how much the government pays in interest depends on both the total federal debt and the interest rate investors charged when they loaned the money. This dataset is useful for those who wish to track the cost of maintaining federal debt.

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