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Savings Bonds Securities Sold (Discontinued)


10/31/1998 — 06/30/2022Released Monthly (Discontinued)Last Updated 07/25/2022
The Savings Bonds Securities Sold dataset details how many non-marketable savings bonds have been sold and their value, reported each month. This dataset also contains information about the interest rates and average maturities of these non-marketable savings bonds. This dataset has been discontinued as of July 2022. Please see the Notes & Known Limitations for more details.


Data Table:
Date Range:

Dataset Properties

Data Table Name
Field Name
Display Name
Data Type
Is Required
Savings Bonds Securitiesrecord_dateRecord DateThe date that data was published.DATE1
Savings Bonds Securitiesseries_cdSeries CodeTypes of savings bonds released at different times in history.STRING1
Savings Bonds Securitiesissued_pieces_cntIssued Pieces CountNumber of bonds sold for the month.NUMBER
Savings Bonds Securitiesissued_pieces_amtIssued Pieces AmountDollar value for the bonds sold for the month .CURRENCY
Savings Bonds Securitiesredeemed_pieces_cntRedeemed Pieces CountNumber of bonds paid off at the request of the customer.NUMBER
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